Oost Javaanse keuken

Bij ons nooit ‘bumboe’ uit een pakje

Maar altijd huisgemaakte kruiden van verse ingrediënten.

En dat proef je!

Traditionele Javaanse keuken

We serveren traditionele Javaanse gerechten volgens authentiek recept.

Beleef het Oosten van Java

Nieuwsgierig naar gerechten uit Surabaya, Malang of Madura?

  • Last day of fasting in Indonesia and let’s break the fast with my fave food, bakso. 🍲
They say once you cook something for a living you will see the food from time to time and will not have anymore appetite towards that food. Well that doesn’t happen to me. I still 💙 bakso and I appreciate every kind of bakso variation there is in Indonesia. 🍲
Where ever I go I always try the local bakso like this one. It’s one of local fave in Srengat, Blitar. 🍲
The style is more similar to Bakso Solo. Simple bakso with only tofu and vermicelli. Although the soup reminds me of bakso Malang, clear and tasty even before you add any condiment such as sambal, ketchup and kecap manis. 🍲
Rp. 10.000 per portion (around 0.65 € cent)
  • Sate Ayam Madura. The original one. 🍢
Rp. 10.000 = around 0.65 € cent per portion (10pcs). 🍢
We are closed for now, will be back end of June. Meanwhile enjoy the food photos from our hometown Indonesia. 🇮🇩
  • Terang Bulan (or Martabak Manis) and Martabak Telor. 😋
Terang bulan is pancake like sweet snack brushed with butter then filled with for example (but not limited of); chocolate sprinkles, crushed peanuts, shredded cheese (yes we eat cheese with sweet food) lastly topped with condensed milk. 😋
Martabak telor is the savoury part of the two. Thin pastry filled with curried minced beef, spring onion and egg. Served with cucumber pickles and bird’s eye chili. 😋
Famous Indonesian street food. They are often sold in pairs. And we usually eat them as late night snack. 🤭😱 Calorie bomb at night indeed. Sorry not sorry. 
#terangbulan #martabaktelor #kioskanasnack
  • Our vacuum sealed packaging for sending food via the post. Not all food can be sent via the post. Ask us for the possibilities. 😋
We are closed for now. Will be back end of June. 🇮🇩 Don’t worry we will share some of delicious Indonesian food photos from Indonesia. #kioskana

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